Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Amazing Vitacost deals TODAY ONLY

OK So here's some great deal work ups:
FIRST: CREATE YOUR EBATES ACCOUNT (if you have not already done so)
SECOND: HEAD OVER HERE to Vitacost rewards (if you didn't get my FB invite for it already)
This will give you a free $10 Credit! They e-mail you a code to use on checkout shortly after creating your account.
THIRD: once you have your Ebates account and Vitacost set up USE THIS EBATES LINK TO SHOP VITACOST (now you will get 4% cash back on your purchase!)

 Vitacost Shipping is free today only on orders of $22 or more, or only $2.22 for orders under $22
(These Prices do not reflect the 4% cash back from ebates since that does not apply immediately)

Then Apply that $10 to any ONE of the following deals:
3 boxes of KASHI go lean crunch cereal for only .74 Shipped! (Yes 74 cents!)
3 jars of Smooth Operator Peanut Butter for only $1.15 each after credit!
3 boxes of Cliff Zbars for only $1.62 each after credit (and after shipping!)
3 jars of Agave Vanilla Nectar for only .87 each (after shipping!)
11 packages of Thai Kitchen Noodles for only .22 each after shipping!
3 packages of 80 sheet count Seventh Generation dryer sheets $1.90 each after shipping (these are great if you have sensitivities or aversions to dyes/scents)
2 50oz bottles Eco Friendly Laundry detergent $2.57 each after shipping!
3 16oz jars of Eco Bee Farms Pure Honey for $1.43 each after shipping!
3 18oz bottles of Natures Gate velvet moisture body wash only $1.78 each after shipping (great price for Natural body wash)
2 8.5oz bottles of JASON volumizing shampoo for only 1.47 each after shipping! (great price for Jason shampoo if your a fan!)
6 bags 20ct Burts Bees Throat Drops for only .63 each shipped (this is one of those deals where you *can* get brands like Halls as low as Free sometimes, but if you love Burts bees this is great)
5 4.5oz bags of Bear Naked Peak Energy Trail mix for only .84 each shipped!
3 boxes Gluten Free Chocolate Decadence Cake mix for only $1.22 each shipped!
4 bags of Backpacker's Pantry Hot Apple Cobbler for .85 each shipped! (I used to love these before I went Gluten Free! and this is a really good price for this product)
5 boxes of Gluten Free DeBoles Gluten free multigrain pasta for only.49 each after shipping!
4 boxes of Gluten Free Annie's Homegrown Mach & Cheese for only .60 each after shipping!
3 boxes of Tinkyada Gluten Free Brown Rice Lasagna Noodles for only $1.04 each after shipping!

Come back and check this post often I will update as I find more deals but the site is a tad on the slow side because of these fantastic deals
** And remember to tell your friends to join our FACEBOOK once we hit 100 members we'll have that drawing for a free $25 amazon gift card!

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