What this is all about

What this is all about:

I want to help teach you how to save money via couponing and online shopping. My goal is to help people budget better and live with a little less stress. These are tough times and I feel that people should be able to benefit from what I have learned so far. I am in no way the Buddha/goddess of couponing, however what little tips and tricks I have picked up have already vastly changed my life and I want to pass that on to you!

What I will not teach you:
How to forge coupons or otherwise behave fraudulently.
How to clear shelves. I support creating a useful stockpile so your family doesn't have to stress during those times things get a little (or a lot) tight. However, I do not support going into a store and buying out everything on their shelves. There are others out there who need to shop as well. If you need to order a lot of one product you can call stores ahead of time and place an order with them.

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