Coupon Lingo

The Lingo of a Couponer:
This is Lingo that you may see on this site or on other popular coupon sites. I know that when I first started couponing the jargon alone made me feel like I was in over my head and often I felt like an outsider watching some secret society plot and plan. So feel free to read up on the lingo and get acquainted, once this blog is in full swing you may see some of these acronyms around.
Also, if you see one that you think I have missed feel free to leave a comment here and I will attempt to update frequently.

$1/1, $1/2: One dollar off one item, one dollar off two items
2/$1, 3/$2: Two items for one dollar, three items for two dollars.
AC: After Coupons
AR: After Rebate
Blinkies: Small Machines (often red) that electronically feed coupons out when one is taken. often have a "blinking" light on them
B1G1: Buy one get one  free. Also "BOGO"
B2G1: Buy twoget one item free
Catalina: Catalina coupons. The print either when a certain number of products are scanned or at the end of a transaction. These are separate coupons that print from what is known as a "Catalina machine"
CAT(S): Short for Catalinas
Double: A coupon that the store will double. (Usually a coupon that doubles a coupon up to a certain amount.)
DND: Do not double
ETS: Excludes trial size
Exp.: Expires, expiration date etc.
GM: General mills insert (Found in some Sunday Papers)
MQ: Manufacturers Coupon
MFR: Manufacturer or Manufacturer coupons
MIR: Mail-in rebate
NLA: No longer available
OOP: Out of pocket
Peelie: Coupons found on product packaging
P&G: Proctor and Gamble insert (Found in some Sunday papers)
Q: Coupon
RP: Red Plum insert (Found in some Sunday Papers)
SS: Smart Source insert (Found in some Sunday Papers)
Stacking: Using both a manufacturer's coupon and a store coupon on one item
Stockpile: a small surplus of items for you/your family. Where you keep extra packages of things
UPC: The Barcode found on products ie the Universal Product Code
Tearpad: Coupons found in a store that you tear off of a pad (Usually found on shelves, endcaps, display boxes etc).
TTV'S: Twice The Value. Albertsons name for coupons that double other coupons
YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary. This means that how this deal works may vary from store to store

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