Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Target Clearance Deals as of 1/24/2012

Hello readers!

I would like to tell you about my Target store trip today in hopes that it will save you money too!
When I was at the Target on West 11th they were marking down a bunch of their large packs of products. Some of you may be familiar with these, they fill the isles right after Christmas. Some I have found were OK deals but never anything to get excited about. But when they are 30-50% off... Now that's a whole new story!

So here is a few things I picked up. Now remember these are clearance sales so once they are gone.. they are gone for good!

Axe Men's Deodorant $2.50 for a 3 PACK! That's .83 Cents for each stick of deodorant. If you have an AXE Lover in your house you'll LOVE this price!

Same Deal on the Dove Mens Deodorant
And The Dove Women's Deodorant

3.83L (1.01 Gallon) Ultra Downy Fabric Softener (Does 150 loads) is on clearance for $4.98 that is only .03 cents a load. Yup! Not too shabby :) (Coupons are valid on clearance items as well so check and see if you have any Downy Coupons to pair with this deal!)

QUANTUM Finish Tabs 3pack of 25 count for 5.98 (Original price $11.99) Now this isn't the most amazing deal (Although they had the regular finish tabs for the same price with a higher count but I chose to get these because I prefer them a bit more however the regular finish tabs do the job just fine!) If you still have the $2.15 off one package coupon that came out in the Register Guard on the 8th that would bring these down to only $3.83

Frosted Flakes 2pk for $2.74 Sure at the right time of year you can get frosted flakes for way cheaper than $1.37 per a 1.1lb box But if you have a fan of Frosted Flakes in your house like I do than these are still a good deal (Kellogg's coupons may stack with these, I however am currently overhauling my coupon organizer so I didn't have my Cereal Coupons with me)

Goldfish! $4.48 for a 2.5 Lb box Thats only 11 Cents per ounce (Which is better than Costco and our regular "Stock up" price which is 13 Cents per ounce)

Ivory Soap. Ok not the worlds breaking deal but we could use some bar soap in the house.
it was on sale for $3.64 for 10 bars so approx 36 cents per bar (These were located on an endcap at the end of the health/beauty section)

Kids ZBars. These were a great deal considering the Product. If you are a fan of ZBars or your Kids are these are on Clearance for $4.00 per box of 18 which is only 22 cents a bar!

All of these deals were found near the back past the Valentine's Day stuff. There were many more deals. I saw a 3pk of Clorox Toilet Cleaner for about $4 and 10 packs of Colgate toothbrushes for only $4.98 (Just to name a few)

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